Terms & conditions on the service

Obligations of the holder of the parking.

According to the Regulatory Law of the Contract of Parking of Vehicles (Law 40/2002, of November 14) the holder of the parking is responsible for the damages that the vehicle or the user should suffer, except from damages made by a third party or parking user to your car. So in the following cases:

Personal damages for bad state or bad maintenance of the facilities. Damages of the vehicle suffered by detachments, floods for break of tubes, etc. Damages for theft in the vehicle: break of glazing, disappearance of the proper vehicle, etc..In the damages for theft, there remain excluded all those accessories of the vehicle that are not a part fixed or inseparable of the same one. I

The Company does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature as the Car Parks’ open-air surface operations.

Once the car is taken by the client we will not accept complanings about damages of the car, client must check it on the moment we are giving it..


Obligations of the user

The client must withdraw the objects and accessories that are not fixed, as the radio, the mobile or carpapers. We won’t take any claims for lost, or damage of car covers, neither our workers will be obliged to place them. It is compulsory to show of the ticket or written proof for the collection of the vehicle. In case of not presenting it, it will have to demonstrate the property of the vehicle. To achieve this, the company will deliver the written proof with the following information:

The day and the hour of entry, when it is determinant for the fixation of the price. Identification of the vehicle and of it´s driver. The company Cannot be held responsible if you lose your return instructions/ numbered receipt and this is presented to the Company by a third party who uses it to fraudulently take delivery of your car.

The user will be responsible opposite to the businessman and other users, for the legal damages that it causes to them for non-performance of his duties or unskillfulness in the conduction of the vehicle inside the parking facilities or for hitting his cardoor against other car.

You are advised to allow for sufficient journey time to arrive at the Car Park at least 20 minutes prior to the check-in time given to you by your airline. We cannot be held liable for any loss you might suffer should bad traffic cause you to miss your flight. The user may share with oter clients accomodation on the transfers to/from the airport.

The parking user is responsible to locate and return to our meeting point, we are not responsable if it is hard for them to find it and the wait stress caused.

Rights of the holder of the parking

The holder of the parking will have, opposite to any persons, right of retention on the vehicle as a guarantee of the payment of the price of the parking. The Company reserves the right to change prices whether or not it gives notice of its intention to do so. Our rates does include V.A.T.

The holder of the parking will be able to use the procedure foreseen in the article 71 of the articulated text of the Law on Traffic when a car remains parked for a quite long period of time without having any response from the owners.The Company reserves the right to move your Vehicle within the Car Park by driving or otherwise to such extent as the Company, its employees or agents may in their discretion think necessary for the efficient arrangement of their parking facilities. The carkey will be always given to our employees.

The Company has the right not to perform the complimentary outside wash if the weather conditions are not favourable. As well we don´t held liability if that free wash hasn´t been performed to great standard.

The Company will not held responsibility if your vehicle has any mechanical failure as battery/start problems, electric windows failure, puncture etc… We will try to start it with our own means, but we have no responsability at all with these.

The Company will not be liable if the car loses by itself any removable parts of the car: mirrors, scape tails, antennas, etc.

We have the right to reject a car, despite its booking, if it is nott in good driving conditions, or if its too big, and may cause us trouble or danger against other cars.